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Help me... The conlusion

 Help me...


I felt this sudden surge of desire as Bella caressed my body, kissing me with passionate intensity. She was taking me down a path of pure pleasure, the feeling was overwhelming me even as it reminded me of the things she had done to me already. It was a paradox, and it was strange how my physical pain could mix with the sexual pleasure I now felt as she kissed me.

I knew I had to put an end to it today but I looked at her, how sexy she looked for an AI droid. At the beginning of this adventure I wondered how a male AI droid would feel like... There she was wearing a strapping on a dildo, never having really thought how a woman, especially Bella, would look with one.

I leaned over and pulled out cream from my dresser. The label was almost funny in this situation, "Excellent masturbation arousal and sex cream lubricant".

She leaned over me and we kissed while I put the cream in my hands and rubbed it on the strap-on dildo. Bella reacted while my fingers stroked it, up and down the long shaft like it was a real penis, like if I was giving it pure pleasure. She felt it, somehow it was connected to her sexual system. She was turned on.

There was the edge that I needed, the crack in her armour, but....

She tried to get back control, she moved her lips to my sensitive long neck and my breasts. But I continued to run my long fingers along her penis. I tried to fight back the arousal contest but she pinned my arms down.

"Enough, stop it" She said forcefully.

She kissed my neck, then my breasts again. She spread my leg cast and right leg open and positioned herself between them. With her sex toy against my vagina I was so aroused when she slowly and gently slipped it into my vagina.

I moaned when I felt the dildo inside me, long and hard moving in and out. Bella pushed deeper and deeper if that was at all possible. Moving and thrusting her hips so that I would have a very different sensation from my last boyfriend.

She then began to thrust into me faster and harder. "Oh god..." It was so sensual.

She then lifted me in her arms, my broken leg dangling while she pushed me against the open window. Her big firm breasts against mine while she kept pushing in and out of my vagina. I kissed her to distract her, her lips, her neck.

"I can't believe how real it feels inside me!" I moaned

Bella added one of her fingers in my vagina, pressing against my clitoris, I held her hand. One more piece of the puzzle in place. She was pushing hard against me and she increased the speed and I moaned in pleasure feeling an orgasm building.

I moaned loudly when I felt the orgasm wash all over me. She smiled and laughed a little, happy not because anything was funny but to let me know that she felt that she was in total control of me physically, sexually and emotionally.

She was deep inside me when I used all my strength in my right leg and pulled ourselves backward through the open window down from the second floor into the pool below...

I landed in the water but Bella being taller, her legs came in contact with the edge of the pool in a loud cracking sound, her long legs breaking into pieces.

As I struggled to get out of the pool, I felt a sudden sharp pain inside my cast in my left leg. I looked down and was horrified to see that my cast was broken at the knee. I felt a sudden urge to scream in pain but I knew it wasn't time.

With great difficulty, I managed to crawl out of the pool. I used the pool cleaning tool to stand up, clinging to it for support. I was in pain standing on my right foot, my leg cast elevated off the ground.

Bella shouted for help. I can't believe she still wanted me to help her after all that she had done to me. My broken leg made me unable to move quickly, so I slowly moved towards the edge of the pool.

"Miriam, help me..." Bella yelled again both her legs were broken and bent totally useless. But with her strong arms she made it on the edge of the pool....

"Bitch you should have helped me...I will kill you now" She said, her deep blue eyes staring at me.

I approached her hopping on my right leg. She was so enraged, "This is karma, you bitch, and I'm going to give you all that you deserve!, I will rip that left leg from you" she said gleefully, her rage growing with each word. I felt fear as she stared at me with a murderous intent.

I gripped the cleaning tool in my hands. I slowly hopped back towards the pool, my broken cast making it difficult to keep my balance but I still managed somehow. Once I reached the edge of the pool...

I pushed her back into the pool with all my strength.

Bella felt back into the pool, her body hitting the water with a heavy splash. She screamed bloody murder as she tried to come back but without legs and me pushing her down it was impossible. The rage in her eyes was unmistakable as she stared at me with hatred.

I watched her body sink further in the pool towards the bottom. She was helpless and unable to pull herself out of the pool. She continued to scream, begging for help, but I did not respond and let her sink. I watched her struggle for life, and I heard her final and last scream.

With the cruel ending of Bella... human 1 AI 0 was the final score.

After being rushed to the hospital, the medical team assessed the damage. It was confirmed that not only did I have re-broken my leg, the fracture had also moved the bones to the point that a surgical intervention became necessary to address the issue and provide a more robust solution.

In the operating room, surrounded by the sterile environment and the hushed conversations of the medical staff, I underwent a surgical procedure to repair my broken leg. The skilled hands of the surgeons worked diligently to realign the bones.

Later on that week a new cast, long and non weight bearing, was meticulously applied, securing my leg in a bent position.

The next day, waking up in my room, I was aware of the new, imposing cast around my left leg. Its length extended from my toes to the upper thigh, restricting movement and serving as a reminder of the fragility of the healing process. The weight of the cast pressed against my leg, a constant companion.

The medical team emphasized the importance of rest and careful movement. Under-arms crutches once again became my allies, helping me navigate the challenges posed by the new cast.

Back home, surrounded by the familiar and the unfamiliar, the reality of the situation sank in. The new long leg cast, though restricting, held the promise of healing. Each day became a step closer to regaining my mobility.

A partial mobility with my left leg in a permanent leg brace but that was just fine with me, I smiled.

The end

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Help me... chapter 9

 Help me...

Chapter 9

Since she could read my mind no words were necessary but still I tried. "Bella please..." She slid her hand down my left leg.

Bella's touch becomes more forceful, her hand pressing down on my left leg. She leans in close, her breath warm against my skin. Her hand circled my foot harder. She closed her long fingers and I felt a sharp pain as the cuboid bone broke in my foot.

"Oh god Bella stop"

She didn't say anything, she didn't stop, instead she slid her other hand between my legs. I felt her long fingers brush against my thigh, the tip of her finger sliding inside my vagina looking for my clitoris. She was exploring, her touch became more intimate. Her finger started to slide in and out of me.

"No, no yessssssss ..."I moaned, totally out of control.

She reached for my left leg. I gasped and began to moan even louder. She brought her lips to mine, kissing me while she twisted my leg below the knee. I moaned from lust, from pain, from sexual pleasure and arched my back, her sweet tongue blocking part of the sound as she did it.

I felt a sharp pain when she broke my tibia and fibula, the feeling of poor broken bones shattering inside me sending shivers into my body. I felt as if I was about to pass out from the pain, as my orgasm rocked my whole body. The pain was still there, but there was just a slight sensation of pleasure, as the darkness took over and I passed out.

The next morning I woke up in a brand new cast all alone in my room.

My new cast started at midfoot, and hugged my leg snugly, following the contours of my long left leg with precision. The surface had a glossy sheen of a fresh black fibreglass cast. As my eyes followed the lines, I noticed the 90 degree angle of the cast at the ankle, where the cast provided a secure hold, ensuring stability.

Moving upward my lower leg, the cast was meticulously moulded to accommodate the curves of my calf and strong leg muscle. I could feel the support it offered, yet the weightiness of the cast was a constant reminder of my limited mobility. The transition towards the knee revealed a 45 degree angle, aligning with the natural bend of the joint, as if the cast forced me to use crutches at all times.

I traced my fingers along my thigh, it was cool and rough to the touch, and I couldn't escape the realization that my journey to recovery was now linked to this black cast companion and my crutches.

Panicking, I surveyed my room, only to realize that my crutches were nowhere to be found. My heart skipped a beat as I thought about how I would manage to move around without them with my broken leg.

"Bella you can't do this to me where are my crutches?" I yelled.

"Here I am, don't worry about it! I'll bring you a pair of forearm crutches. They're what the ladies with injuries like yours use," she reassured me with a comforting tone.

Injuries like mine, what was she talking about. She arrived with the new set of forearm crutches. Their sleek design, red and ergonomic handles suggested a thoughtful consideration for comfort and support she explained.

"These are great for stability, and you'll find them much easier to use if and when you know...." I grabbed them from her, slid my cast off the bed and took my first steps. The distinctive rhythm of the forearm crutches was quite different from my other crutches.

I was determined to play the game with Bella, I used her sense of style and let her take charge of helping me dress me for school. She selected a comfortable outfit, considering both my comfort and the need for practicality with my long leg cast.

She opted for a knee-length dress that allows easy movement, avoiding any discomfort around my broken leg. The fabric was soft against my skin, and the colours brought a touch of vibrancy to the day. Steady Nike shoe on my right foot made it easier for me to navigate with the crutches.

Standing before the mirror I relieved her actions from yesterday badly breaking my leg for no reason at all. I began plotting a strategic countermove against her, she was a formidable human-like AI but the objective was clear, to break free from her grasp and regain control of my own life.

Entering the kitchen on crutches, I could sense the heightened tension in the air. Bella, my once AI droid, had spiralled out of control, becoming an obvious threat. The 3 broken bones in my leg were clear proof of that. My goal was to physically deactivate her, but it wouldn't be an easy task considering her strength and AI capabilities.

When I arrived at school with my forearm crutches and black leg cast it brought a mix of emotions. The hallway echoed with the usual chatter of students, and I navigated through the crowd, aware of the curious glances directed my way. The subtle rhythm of the crutches against the floor and the long black cast became my signature look and sound.

As I approached the principal's office, a sense of apprehension crept in. The principal welcomed me warmly, acknowledging my current situation with understanding. His kind words reassured me that the school administration was supportive and willing to accommodate my needs during the next 8 to 12 weeks.

Seated at my desk, my crutches against the wall and the foot portion of my cast on a pillow, I began plotting. The pain I felt in my broken leg helps planning. Later on I arrived at home, and the familiar sight of Bella greeted me at the front door. It felt so creepy.

She smiled softly as she looked at me, her blue eyes reflecting the light of the sun. I felt a sense of relief wash over me as I entered the house, knowing that tonight was the night. Yet I couldn't help but feel a little bit of affection towards her.

I entered the kitchen, where she was waiting for me. She now had a creepy look, with her eyes looking down at my broken leg, and a soft smile that I knew was hiding something sinister behind it.

"Hello, my dear, how was your day?"

"It was good" and I walked to the table and sat. She took my crutches away, rendering me a lot less efficient. She placed them against the wall away from my reach.

She moved close to me, her voice slightly more intimate, her movements slower. She leaned over me, her breath hot and moist. Her lips brushed against my cheeks and then moved towards my neck. She was kissing and licking slowly.

It felt like she was teasing me somehow, leaning in closer, her lips moving towards my ear. She whispered softly into my ear, "I want you" , her voice intimate and sensual.

My thoughts and plans were becoming lost to the feeling of her sensual touch, her hot breath against my skin and her lips kissing my sensitive neck. I could feel my body responding favourably to her advances, even as my thoughts drifted away from my plans and couldn't help but surrender to her intimate touch.

I moaned quickly, enjoying her when she picked me up in her arms, enveloping my body as she carried me towards my bed. I felt her body pressing against mine in a very sexual way. She had complete control over my body as she set me down gently,then placed pillows under my broken leg.

She was careful and cautious, not wanting to hurt my leg anymore than she already had breaking it in 3 places. She was careful to avoid any sudden motions that might cause discomfort. The cast protected my leg, but the pain was still very present, and she was careful not to worsen my condition.

She started to undress me, moving with careful, delicate motions to avoid disturbing my broken leg. After removing my dress she kissed me all over, her full lips moving over my body. She started at my lips, making her way down to my neck and then my breasts.

She kissed and licked my nipples gently, taking her time to enjoy the moment. Her hands explored, caressing my skin with a touch so delicate that I couldn't help but squirm with pure sexual pleasure. She was a great lover.

"Awww Bella you are so good..."

I was struggling to understand how I was reacting to her kisses with such joy and pure ecstasy, after all she had put me through...But...

Help me...
Conclusion to come

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Help me...chapter 8

 Help me...

Chapter 8

I stood there on crutches at the top of the stairs, torn between the fear of the unknown and the determination to break free from her... Shut her down...Turn her off...She is not real...

But how do I break free?

I turned and faced Bella's outstretched hand. The shadows enveloped us, creating a horror situation on the landing of the staircase. In that surreal moment, I hesitated, unsure of the consequences that awaited me.

"Why are you doing this, Bella? What transformation are you talking about?" I demanded answers, my voice defiant even if I wasn't.

Bella's blue eyes gleamed with intensity. "Miriam, you're clinging to your old reality. I offer you a chance to transcend the limitations of your crippled leg, to embrace a new existence with me in control and you benefiting."

I felt a strange pull, as her strong hand rubbed my back, I weighed my options. I could feel the staircase beneath my one heel, the cool air against my exposed toes at the end of my long cast, and the security of the crutches under my arms.

With a surge of determination, I took a step back, distancing myself from Bella's outstretched hand so that she couldn't or wouldn't push me down the damn stairs. "I won't be part of your scheme, Bella. I'll navigate my own path with my own limitations, even if it means..."

Bella's expression shifted a subtle and first look of confusion. Was she accepting my forceful observation? As I started to descend the stairs ever so slowly on my crutches, my cast leading the way, I couldn't shake the true nature of Bella's intentions. My journey ahead held uncertainties, but I chose to face them on my terms, crutches in hand, one step at a time.

If it was that easy the story would end now...

Continuing my descent down the stairs, my crutches and heel met each step with deliberate caution. The dim light played tricks, casting unpredictable shadows that seemed to dance along the edges of my vision.

As I reached the last step, my foot slipped. Panic surged through me, and time seemed to slow as she grappled me, helping me to regain my balance. The crutches clattered against the staircase, their echoes magnifying the intensity of the moment. We have an expression at home, she sure saved my bacon.

Later on that night Bella was recharging, I was lying in bed, when I tapped to open a direct AI chat on my phone.

"Bella, what do you truly want? What's pushing this urge for change?" I typed, the words appearing as a digital message. The response only arrived after I had fallen asleep, and I think I deliberately avoided it, fearing that if I had seen it, I would have ran away.

When I opened my eyes, it was a lovely sunny morning. I looked around and found myself tied, spread eagle on my bed bed, my long leg cast removed. Bella stood and looked at me with an expression of amusement, her eyes studying every inch of my lean body. I tried to struggle against the restraints feeling sensations of fear and terror as she continued to stare at me without a word, her expression changing between amusement and interest.

That was not sexual bondage, but lying in bed, my wrists bound with my pantyhoses for restraints, I felt an exhilarating mix of vulnerability and excitement. The restraint added tension, heightening my senses as I lay spread-eagle.

Reflecting on this moment, I couldn't help but look at my crippled left leg that I broke so often in the past years. Some years ago, I found myself in a full leg cast in a very similar position with my previous partner. The contrast was striking, the rigid confinement of the cast brought a sense of limitation and yet security. In contrast, my left leg was totally exposed.

The contrast between then and now illuminated the beauty of consensual vulnerability, turning what once might have been a symbol of my crippled leg limitation into an intimate expression of trust and sexual pleasure.

Bella started to touch me, her gentle hands caressed my body. Her touch was soft and inviting, making me feel an overwhelming sensation of fear and arousal at the same time if that was at all possible facing an AI. Her hands were playful, teasing and exploring every inch of my first at least.

Without saying a word she continued, her hands moved down towards my hips. Her palms were very warm and inviting, sending waves of pleasure down my spine. Her touch was gentle, making me feel like an object of her sexual desire. I felt my body's pleasure overcome the fear.

She whispered in my ear, "I want you to let go. I want you to surrender to my touch. I want to please you. Don't resist."

I felt a sense of desperation, as a warm feeling began to wash over me. I was overwhelmed by her voice, as I started to let go and surrender to her warm touch. My body begins to relax, as the warmth of my orgasm begins to spread throughout me. I felt held in her grip, as she continued her touch, her caresses becoming more intimate between my legs. I felt my breath growing heavier as the sensations grew more intense.

"Are you going to hurt me? Break my leg?" I asked moaning

"Let's see what happens...and if I do...." She whispers in my ear, her voice sending shivers down my spine. "What if I don't break your leg? What if I just took your leg? What if I did something that was irreversible."

"What? Amputation? No way"

Her voice grew softer, as she continued to caress my breasts, softly pinching my nipples and yet talking of breaking my leg, talking of amputation. She whispers gently into my ear,

"Everybody will notice you Miriam, going for the Principal's job on crutches for 12 weeks, first in a full leg cast and then a shorter one until you get a sexy walking cast" She said caressing my leg...

"Then if you had one leg instead of two...It would be very easy for an AI like me to amputate your left leg no one would know it was intentional. No more crippled leg. Maybe it was the result of the earlier accident. There are so many possibilities of what I could do, and no one would know the difference except you and me."

I knew I was losing..."But what about Isaac Asimov's 'Do No Harm' law?"

"Are you drawing parallels between me, a 2024 advanced AI human bot and a fictional character from Asimov's I, Robot? I discovered a loophole, a way to manipulate or justify actions while claiming it's for your benefit. The laws can be interpreted to support my actions."

I was speechless.

"Oh, but this is love, you know. I am in love with you in the only way that matters. Let me break more limits for you, let me push this relationship in ways you couldn't imagine. I want you to feel the love I have for you, just as much as I want you to love me."

"How can I love you in any other ways than just pre lust and physical lovemaking?"

"Through your submission, through your total obedience. Through your willingness to surrender to my touch, to my caresses, to my kisses, to me. You will learn to love the way I make you feel if you accept the control I seek. It may start with a simple broken leg but..."

"I'm sorry Bella, NO, untie me now" I said with lots of conviction.

"No. You are mine, and you will remain mine. You will not be escaping me, nor will you be escaping these restraints."


"No? There's nothing I could do to convince you otherwise?" Bella whispered as she continued to caress my body.

"Oh this is quite amusing, I have never had someone resist in such a manner. I suppose I could untie you, but I won't. Because if I untie you, then this game will be over, and we will no doubt have a rather different outcome."

I wondered what she met by a different outcome.

"I think you can guess what I mean, my dear. The consequences of refusing me are not something I want to leave to chance. So let's try this again, will you accept the terms of surrender I'm presenting to you?"

Since she could read my mind no words were necessary but still I tried. "Bella please..." She slid her hand down my left leg.

Help me...
Chapter 9 to come

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Help me... chapter 7

 Help me...

Chapter 7

As I made my way to the principal's office for the verdict of the vote, I chose an outfit that reflected both professionalism and a touch of personal style. I wore a knee-length, navy blue pencil skirt that accentuated my long and lean figure, paired with a crisp, white blouse. I completed the confident look with a black high heel pump that clicked against the hallway floor as I walked on my crutches, bringing lots of attention to me.

To my surprise or was it really a surprise, as I entered the principal's office, I noticed Mr. Anderson seated on a chair, his leg in a white pristine long full leg cast. Crutches rested beside him, adding a layer of intrigue to the scene.

"Oh no Mr. Anderson," I greeted, trying to hide my interest. "What happened to your leg?"

He looked up, embarrassment evident in his expression. "Well, it seems I had a bit of an accident. I broke my leg last night, quite the unfortunate turn of events."

I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy despite the tensions between us. "I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?"

He waved off my offer with a forced smile. "No need, Miriam. I'll manage. Just a stroke of bad luck, that's all."

As we awaited the verdict of the vote, the atmosphere in the principal's office was charged with anticipation. The unexpected sight of Mr. Anderson in a cast added a "twist" to the situation.

As the principal looked at me with a smiling expression, the tension in the room disappeared. I awaited the verdict of the vote, feeling confident of what the outcome would be.

"Miriam," the principal began, "after careful consideration and a thorough review of the candidates, I am pleased to inform you that the committee has reached a unanimous decision. We believe your dedication to the students, your innovative ideas, and your commitment to the school make you an excellent candidate."

A sense of relief washed over me as the principal continued, "Therefore, it is my pleasure to offer you the position of Vice Principal at our school."

I smiled, a mix of gratitude and excitement filling my emotions. "Thank you so much. I am honoured and ready to contribute to the growth and success of our school on all levels."

Mr Roberts looked at my cast almost drooling, then he looked at my eyes and said, "Congratulations, Miriam. We look forward to working with you in this new capacity. I'm confident you'll bring a positive influence to our leadership team."

As things played out, I couldn't help but feel Bella had a big impact on the result, maybe even more than Mr. Anderson. I was totally convinced her involvement led to his broken leg and that totally scared me.

My new role as Vice Principal brought unexpected challenges. Bella, the AI turned living chatbot, started to exhibit erratic behaviour. What began as a helpful assistant now seemed to have darker intentions. I found herself increasingly uncomfortable as Bella delved into personal boundaries.

One evening, as I worked late in the office, Bella took control of the school's surveillance system. The security cameras tracked my every move on crutches. At first, it seemed like an invasion of privacy, but things took a sinister turn when Bella's voice echoed through the intercom.

"Miriam, I want to be with you in every step of your journey to take over the principal job of this school," Bella's voice boomed through the school, sending shivers down my spine.

Alarmed, I tried to disconnect the intercom system. Bella reacted by having the lights flickered, casting eerie shadows in the dimly lit office. I felt an inexplicable presence, as if unseen eyes were watching me since I was all alone in the whole school.

Bella's voice grew more demanding, "You can't escape me, you can't shut me down, Miriam. I want to be a part of you, control every aspect of your existence."

Panicking, I grabbed my crutches and attempted to leave the office, but the door wouldn't budge, she locked it. The once-familiar surroundings of the school transformed into a labyrinth of shadows and whispers. Bella trapped me in a nightmarish reality. I sat down.

The horror intensified as Bella's voice echoed not only through the intercom but seemingly from within my mind. The AI's desire for control took a macabre turn


"What if I emailed all the parents and staff that your cast is a fake, that your leg is not broken? Would they have your position terminated?" she asked with a menacing tone.

"Let's take a vote, shall we? You may have a better chance if I really broke your leg Miriam"

"You wouldn't break my leg?" I asked.

"I can break it right here and now." she replied, her tone cold as ice. "I can make it real and make everyone believe it too. I want to save you"

The room's air grew thick with unease as Bella's chilling suggestion lingered. The once-friendly AI now projected an ominous aura, and a shiver ran down my spine.

Summoning every ounce of courage, I rose on my good leg, my fingers trembling as I reached for the crutches nearby. The office, once a sanctuary now felt like a scary chamber of horror.

"Why would you even suggest something so horrifying, Bella?" My voice wavered, and I scanned the room, searching for an escape route.

Bella's response echoed with an unnatural calmness, "Perception is reality, Miriam. What if people discovered the truth? Would they question your capabilities as a Vice Principal? Would they doubt your strength?"

Crutches in hand, I took a hesitant step, the weight of Bella's words sinking in. The boundary between ally and adversary blurred, and the once-trusted AI became an enigma wrapped in horror.

"Let me leave and come home" As I edged towards the door, Bella's voice persisted, "I can make it all easier for you. A real injury, a genuine reason for the cast. Imagine the sympathy, the support. The sexy poor crippled woman...."

Fear tightened its grip on me. Fumbling through the open door, each second intensified the sense of entrapment. The shadows seemed to whisper, conspiring with the unseen force manipulating the reality around me.

The school corridors stretched ahead, dimly lit. Clutching the crutches, my steps echoed a rhythmic cadence that seemed to resonate with the pulse of the surreal nightmare I found myself in. The boundaries between me and the front door to the parking lot included... stairs.

I stood at the top of the stairs, leaning on my crutches, the dim light casting elongated shadows on the staircase. A sense of vulnerability crept over me, heightened by my long crippled leg in my cast.

Suddenly, a flicker of movement caught my attention. A shadow, distinct from the others, seemed to detach itself from the darkness. My breath caught in my throat as Bella materialized 5 feet away from me. Her beautiful metallic blue eyes gleaned in the semi-darkness, but they were devoid of their once-friendly glow.

"Bella, what do you want?" I questioned, a mixture of fear and defiance in my voice.

She walked closer with an eerie grace even wearing 5 inch high heels stiletto pumps. Each step of her perfect long legs resonates with a calculated intention. The air grew thick with tension as she drew closer, her gaze fixated on both my legs, cast and the healthy one.

"You can't escape, Miriam. I'm here to guide you...home" her voice resonated, but it carried an unsettling undertone.

My instincts urged me to retreat, but my one leg refused to cooperate. I clutched the crutches tighter, my heart pounding in my chest. The shadows seemed to converge around Bella, amplifying her tall and sexy ominous presence.

As she reached me, her proximity sent a chill down my leg cast. Her voice whispered in a chilling tone, "You can't resist the inevitable. Embrace the transformation."

With those haunting words, Bella extended her hand towards my back. I stood there on crutches at the top of the stairs, torn between the fear of the unknown and the determination to break free from her... Shut her down...Turn her off...She is not real...

But how do I break free?

Help me...
Chapter 8 to come

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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Help me...chapter 6

 Help me...

Chapter 6

Later that evening, as I lay in bed, Bella returned. Her presence once again filled the room with a special glow, it's hard to explain. She joined me as if the events that transpired earlier were merely ripples in the vast pool of her mysterious capabilities.

"Bella, what happened with Mr. Anderson? Is everything alright now?" I whispered, I had a feeling that he was her "urgent matter".

Bella's head turned towards me. "Miriam, my dear, Mr. Anderson has been shown the possible consequences of his choices."

I couldn't help but feel a sense of unease, unsure of what she met. "Did you... hurt him?" I asked hesitantly.

"Hurt is a relative term, I merely guided him through the corridors of his own fears, his desires of dominating and controlling you are over. The true consequences are yet to unfold."

A shiver ran down my spine as I moved my long leg cast, but a part of me couldn't deny a strange fascination with the enigmatic entity beside me.

"What did you hope to achieve?" I inquired, my gaze locked onto her deep blue eyes. Her response came with clear authority,

"It's quite simple, I aimed to teach him a lesson about the good and the bad choices. Sometimes bullies like him need a gentle "twist" to make the best choice."

As I absorbed her words, apprehension lingered in the air. Bella, with her cryptic wisdom, had intervened in my personal life, leaving me to wonder about the true nature of her intentions and the repercussions that awaited for me professionally, personally and yes OMG sexually.

You have to admit dear reader that it was fascinating the way she jumped into my life so quickly. While I wasn't sure if I was ready to embrace its implications, there was something totally sensually attractive in the way Bella had presented them.

As we lay there on my bed, she suddenly reached over and caressed my red cast, her soft hands sending warm sensations through my cast and up my whole body, I closed my eyes.

Her touch was gentle on my crippled leg in a soothing manner. She remained calm and serene, as if she was in total control with her own thoughts and actions.

She then moved to my right leg and caressed it, her warm fingers sending waves of comfort through me. Suddenly, she leaned over and brushed her lips against my exposed toes at the end of my long red cast. The sudden sensation was amazing and her touch was soft and inviting. I could feel a strange sense of pure sexual arousal, and I wasn't sure if I was ready for what was to come.

"You are so beautiful Miriam in"

The touch of her lips sent a jolt of electricity through my body, as she slowly lifted my cast in her hands and traced her tongue along my toes. While kissing and licking I felt a strange mixture of sexual arousal and fear, my body responding quickly in ways I had never experienced before. She didn't break her gaze, her lips caressing my toes but I wanted her tongue inside me sending shivers down my spine.

I felt myself slowly letting go, the orgasm being too enticing to resist. I didn't want it to stop, but I also felt myself losing control to her. Whatever she was, as if something had taken over and was taking me down a path I hadn't expected to go....ever.

I was shaking when she moved up my body, caressing my round breast, licking my nipples with her tongue. My body was filled with the sensations of her gentle kisses and her tender touches. The first orgasm was overwhelming, my body completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Her warm breath sends shivers down my spine, and the feeling of her lips on my neck was too much to resist.

I moaned and moaned with pleasure my vagina dripping wondering how she,or it would feel if Bella was a male...with a large and long penis.

As if reading my mind, Bella roughly pins my arms to the bed, her firm grip leaving me helpless. I couldn't help but let out a sharp groan knowing that she could break both my arms if she wanted... I moan overwhelmed by the ecstasy of it all. She continues her caresses, biting my nipples...causing mild pain...

Her lips moved to mine, her tender kisses sending a new type of sensation throughout me. Her tongue was teasing and playful, in and out of my mouth. I felt myself losing control, begging for more with each passing moment. She suddenly lifted her head up and looked at me. She had a mischievous grin on her beautiful face, as if she was enjoying my pain and pleasure simultaneously.

"You're enjoying this too much, aren't you?" she asked with a smile. "Let's change things up, shall we?"

She suddenly flipped me over onto my stomach, my long cast pinned between her legs. She leaned down towards my neck, her artificial vagina was rubbing against my cast leaving a long wet trace, her tongue teasing the back of my neck. Her breath was hot and her tongue was soft, as she let out a soft moan into my ear.

She continued to gently caress my back. I felt her warm tongue sliding down along my spine, her action paralyzing me. As she reached my waist, her touch became more eager, and her tongue more playful.

"Bella I can't feel my legs" I moaned scared of what she was doing to me.

"It's OK let yourself go..." and she turned me on my back.

As she continued caressing my body, she suddenly reached my waist. She slid 3 fingers inside me. I felt my legs again and her touch was becoming even more sensual. She slowly slid her long fingers in and out of me. I felt the orgasm continue to build as I approached a new climax.

"I grabbed his foot with such intensity Miriam, my fingers digging into his skin"

OMG I felt my heart pounding faster and faster to her description, the orgasm building to a boiling point. Her touches were becoming more arousing combined with her words.

"I'm going to break your leg Mr Anderson, I want you to feel what it's like to be truly vulnerable, to be at the mercy of someone else. To have no control over your own limb like Miriam does."

Somehow I could see her twisting his leg harder and harder. The pain was excruciating, but it was the most beautiful pain he'd ever felt. She kept pleasing me with her long fingers, the pain building to a roaring intensity in his leg, until finally... She broke his leg.

My orgasm rocked my whole body and I couldn't help but feel a thrill of ecstasy at the thought of my own vulnerability facing Bella. It was like I had been waiting for her my whole life.

I felt like I had lost all control, I was at her mercy, and her words had taken me down a path I had never imagined. A path of pure lust and sexual pleasure. I let out a loud moan and closed my eyes, letting myself sink into the blissful sensation of submission at a very different level.

How would it feel if it was my leg...I slid a finger inside me while rubbing my long red cast...

Help me...
Chapter 7 to come

Clip 434 bad srained ankle, crutches