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Clip 271 Broken foot, cast, crutches, SLC, part 2

Sexy Bone Specialist part 2

 "My fascination with leg casts and crutches, the desire for this experience, comes from my older sister. She was in a terrible accident, she hit a motorcycle while driving her car and lost control of her vehicle into a tree. She shattered her leg in pieces on impact"

I squeezed my stumps against my leg, I could feel the wetness, "Please continue" and continue she did but not before changing seats, Alexandra stood and sat to my left, inches from my stump, from the leg I lost in a motorcycle accident.

"Her leg was in traction for 3 weeks and then a long series of leg casts over the year and surgery. She was so beautiful, tall on crutches with a small sock over her cast, hiding her delicate toes"

I stared at her, speechless, afraid of where that story was going. She leaned over and her left hand rested on my stump, she could feel my pantyhose, my scars and I could feel her fingers inches from my wet vagina.

"One of the ladies on the motorcycle lost her leg in the accident," She said, rubbing my stump slowly, I opened my eyes and stared at this beautiful young woman.

"I was young at the time, but I clearly remember being fascinated," She said, her eyes distant with recollection.

"It was as though the sight of my sister's leg cast drew attention like a magnet, all at once. Her boyfriend couldn't keep his eyes off her broken leg, you know what I mean, Jesus he was almost drooling when she hopped on her good leg and her breasts bounced." She chuckled softly, a hint of nostalgia in her voice.

"As I grew older," she continued,

"that fascination never faded. I played sports with the unique intention of breaking one of my limbs. I never did, of course. But I wanted to understand, to experience what it was like to be in that situation, that one second of vulnerability when the twisting is too much, when the impact is too violent, and your bones break." Alexandra's eyes met mine, a curiosity that had shaped her sexual desires over the years, I could tell.

As our conversation concluded, I made a decision that would change the course of my professional and private life forever.

"Alexandra, I'm willing to help you on this journey, but only under one condition. We will prioritize our safety, both physically and emotionally. If, at any point, we feel uncomfortable or wish to stop, we will do so immediately."

Her eyes softened with gratitude, and she reached for my crutches and handed them over. Once up on my leg and towering over her she shook my hand.

"Thank you, Vivian, for understanding and for being willing to explore this with me. I trust you completely." She said that and looked me over from my black pump to my green eyes, passing over my missing leg.

As we parted ways that evening, I couldn't shake the feeling that the journey ahead would test the boundaries of desire, pain, healing, and human connection in ways I had never imagined. Also I fantasized about making sweet love to Alexandra in a full leg cast.

Over the next few weeks, Alexandra and I meticulously planned each step and I procured the necessary equipment, medications and casting materials on the black market. We set a date for the procedure, and as it approached, a sense of anticipation hung in the air.

The day finally arrived, and we met in a sterile, well-equipped room in my house that I had converted for the procedure. Alexandra, dressed in a hospital gown, lay on the surgical table, her face showing excitement and nervousness. I stood beside her using only one crutch in my white coat.

As I approached the Fracture Table, I leaned against it and I addressed Alexandra, my voice gentle but firm.

"Are you ready for this, Alexandra? This is a serious break, months before you can walk again" I inquired, ensuring her emotional readiness matched her physical preparation. I was also asking myself indirectly since it was a first for me.

She nodded, her eyes fixed on mine. "OMG, I'm ready, Vivian, so ready"

I need to give credit where credit is due. The Fracture Table came from a clandestine partnership between me, a brilliant orthopaedic surgeon if I may say so myself, and an engineering prodigy named Oliver, whose passion for innovation knew no bounds.

My sexual fascination with orthopaedics had led me to dream of a specialized Fracture Table that could mimic the experience of a real fracture, down to the smallest detail. Oliver, that I dated at the time, created the concept that was simple in a way and yet difficult to make it 100% safe and still create a surreal reality.

My part was to understand the human body's capacity to endure and heal, through pain but through the wonder of a totally controlled experience. The Fracture Table was a pink sleek, metallic apparatus that could have been mistaken for a piece of modern art. Its adjustable arms and padded surface was inviting yet eerie scary when you saw the name.

Back in February, Oliver said, "Vivian, we've pushed the boundaries of engineering and medicine. Now, it's time to put it to the test."

With Oliver's consent recorded in the computer, we prepared for the test run, scaphoid fracture, left wrist. He positioned himself on the fracture table, his arm exposed.

I stood on my crutches beside the computer console, my fingers poised to initiate the test run after I was done entering the data in the system.

"Are you ready, Oliver?" I asked.

Oliver met my gaze with a resolute nod. "Yes."

As I initiated the test run, the Fracture Table's mechanisms came to life. Oliver's arm was cradled by padded, adjustable straps, securing it in place. The automated, slow-twisting mechanism, calibrated for his unique experience, began its deliberate motion.

I maintained a constant dialogue with Oliver, monitoring his comfort and well-being as the table mimicked the forces of a real stress fracture.

"How are you feeling, Oliver? Any discomfort?" I inquired, my voice a reassuring presence.

Oliver's response was honest.

"It's like a controlled storm inside my arm." He had just finished stating that when...

Oliver's ligaments responded to the twisting force. I observed his arm closely, the ligaments enduring the controlled forces with remarkable resilience. With a distinct sound, a ligament gave way.

"It's a ligament tear, Oliver, a natural response to the forces we're applying," I explained.

Then, with a final, controlled twist, a stress fracture occurred. Oliver's wrist responded to the simulated force like we expected.

"You've experienced it, Oliver, our first controlled stress fracture", I said leaning over and kissing him. I wanted him more than ever.

With the test run successfully completed, I proceeded to apply a short cast to his arm. I watched with admiration as the cast took shape, mimicking the appearance of a genuine injury.

Later that evening in bed, my crutches against the wall, I looked at him, the cast of his broken wrist slid down my hip and came to rest on my stump. I noticed right away that he got so hard while he caressed my stump, my hips began to sway, and I straddled his large penis until we both came. It was our last night together, we broke up the next day.

I stood on my crutches beside Alexandra, admiration for her courage. This time, I leaned over her, my fingers gently lifting her chin, and our lips met in an intimate kiss. It was a connection, a reassurance of our bond.

On the Fracture Table, her right leg was attached meticulously in two distinct locations, precisely aligned with her bio-metrics and the fracture data entered into the computer. My special room in a soft, sterile light, casted an aura over the room. Alexandra's sexy strong leg was secured with the utmost care, two sets of padded straps cradling her foot and upper leg, ensuring stability throughout the procedure to break her leg.

I turned my attention to the vital signs monitor, its screen displaying data that would guide us through the journey. Her heart rate was elevated but well within the expected range, a natural response to the impending stress.

I'm sure we can all agree that you, dear reader, would feel the same if I was about to break your leg...

Part 3 to come

Clip 270 Broken foot, cast, crutches, SLC, part 1

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Clip 267 Cast, crutches, SLC

Sexy Bone Specialist part 1

 In the heart of the Mayfair district in London, I, Dr. Vivian Caldwell, lived with a dark secret desire that nobody knew about. While my colleagues admired me for my expertise as an orthopaedic doctor and my patients for my caring nature, I had a hidden passion, a sexual need that I kept carefully concealed.

Even at a young age, I admired both, ladies with beautiful legs and gentlemen with powerful limbs, especially when they were injured. I loved the elegance and grace of long, shapely legs and arms protected by beautiful casts, as well as their resilience when using crutches. This fascination became an integral part of my identity, this sexual fetish covered the entire spectrum from the initial injury through the immobilization period and into the rehabilitation phase. From a young age, I wondered whether others shared this unique attraction.

Ironically through my life, while I openly showcased my own long, shapely right leg, I had lost my left leg above the knee during a motorcycle accident almost at the same time I'd written that secret erotic story. It was an event that had forever altered the trajectory of my life. Now, I gracefully moved around with the aid of crutches or my wheelchair.

I refused to see It as a physical challenge, I had perfected the art of carrying myself with grace and beauty, always confident and poised. I was blessed with dark, wavy hair, sensual lips and mysterious green eyes, that over the years had captivated the hearts of some men and women.

Yet, it was my leg, the one I swung gracefully between my crutches, that consistently surprised me over the years with the genuine curiosity and occasional sexual attraction it drew from both men and women. I noticed this fascination within my medical practice as well. I had observed that some of my clients who required leg casts and crutches during their rehabilitation received a similar kind of attention.

Every morning, as I prepared for the day from my wheelchair, I carefully slid beautiful pantyhose along my long leg and over my stump. The sensation against my skin was a delight, a ritual that celebrated my femininity and graceful leg. One morning, as I stood before my mirror in a sleek pencil skirt and 4 inch heel on my right foot, I found myself pondering a rather intriguing thought.

How many people, I wondered, would relish the idea of standing on crutches, or having their leg or arm encased in a cast because of a broken bone. How many would love to experience under the watchful supervision of a doctor like myself to control the severity of the break and the pain felt?

Later on that evening, I reached for my crutches and positioned them under my arms. I moved toward my home office, upon reaching my chair, I leaned my crutches against the wall and with a fluid motion, lowered myself into it.

That evening was the first day of my new identity, I adopted the pen name "Sexy Bone Specialist." Under this alias, I crafted a message that would set my life on an entirely new, unconventional and possibly illegal path.

"Seeking to explore the art of breaking a bone, the beauty of wearing a cast and the complete healing and rehab process," my post began. It was an invitation to a world unknown to most, a world where the boundaries between desire, pain, fetish and professionalism blurred completely.

"As 'Sexy Bone Specialist,' I am a specialist in bone-related conditions and orthopaedic care. With limited pain and meticulous precision, I will break and mend bones to perfection, allowing you to experience the complete journey and beauty of being casted".

"Whether it's long, short, non weight bearing or walking cast that turns you on, or any type of arm cast, I'm here to fulfill your desires. If you desire an experience that transcends the ordinary recreational cast, please contact me for a confidential discussion."

As the post went live on social media, I felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I knew that I was venturing into uncharted territory, opening myself up to consequences but also desires I had long kept hidden.

The response was swift and unexpected. Within hours, my inbox was flooded with messages from curious people who were just drawn to the enigmatic "Sexy Bone Specialist." Some were intrigued by the unconventional nature of my services, while others were simply captivated by the mystery surrounding me.

Among the messages, one stood out. It was from a female named Alexandra, who wrote,

"Dear Sexy Bone Specialist, your post has awakened something within me. Since high school I've always admired the strength and beauty of people dealing with a broken leg. I'm intrigued by your unique approach. I'd like to meet and explore this further."

The message from Alexandra had intrigued me like no other. As 'Sexy Bone Specialist, Alexandra's desire had me both excited and apprehensive. She was asking for exactly what I wanted to offer. We decided to meet at a quiet, dimly lit café nestled in the heart of London.

I arrived early, navigating the bustling city streets on my crutches. Dressed impeccably in a beautiful skirt and blouse, my heart pounded with nervousness as I entered the cozy establishment. I selected a discreet corner table, strategically positioned to afford us privacy for our conversation without drawing undue attention.

Minutes later Alexandra walked in. She was petite and graceful with short blond hair and expressive big blue eyes. There was an undeniable aura of quiet confidence about her. I guessed she was mid 20's.

As Alexandra approached our table, I couldn't help but notice how her eyes flickered briefly to my one leg and beautiful red crutches. It was a moment of unspoken connection, a recognition of how much she wanted to be on crutches that seemed to bridge the gap between us right away. We exchanged polite greetings, and she took a seat across from me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, what do I call you" she said and asked.

"The pleasure is mine, Alexandra and call me Vivian please" I replied with a warm smile, doing my best to maintain my professional composure. I could sense that our connection had deepened in that fleeting moment of recognition that I was an amputee.

"Now, tell me, what brings you here today? Your message was quite intriguing."

Alexandra leaned in slightly, like she was about to tell me a secret, her gaze never wavering from mine.

"I've always been fascinated by the human body's resilience, its capacity to heal and overcome injuries. There's something profoundly beautiful about it. But I've also felt a deep longing to understand the other side, the beautiful side in my eyes, the pain"

As she spoke, I couldn't help but sense the depth of her desires. This wasn't a mere whim; she had done a profound exploration. Alexandra continued, her eyes looked at my crutches with envy, her tongue almost licking her soft lips. Lips that I wanted to kiss if I'm being honest.

"I want to feel that vulnerability before the accident or injury, that's controlled and guided by an expert like you Vivian. I want to experience what it's like to have my leg broken, both the tibia and fibula" She was waiting for my reaction.

"Continue please" I said but wanted to do so much more already.

"I tried recreational casting but it's not the same. I need to feel my bones break, I want to see my beautiful leg bent and useless for a bit. I want to navigate day and evening on crutches, non weight bearing in my full leg cast. Essentially I'm asking for the complete journey of healing, and to emerge stronger on the other side."

Her words hung in the air, and for a moment, I was at a loss for how to respond. This was an extraordinary request, one that pushed the boundaries of both ethics and personal desires. But there was something about Alexandra's sincerity and the intensity in her eyes that drew me in.

"I understand your desire, Alexandra," I said carefully, choosing my words with precision.

"But I must emphasize that what you're asking for is unconventional and carries inherent risks. Safety and consent are paramount in any procedure, even one of this nature. If we decide to move forward, it will be done with meticulous planning, a focus on allowing you to feel some pain and a commitment to your long rehabilitation to regain full usage of your leg."

Alexandra nodded, her gaze unwavering. "I'm fully aware of the risks, Vivian, and I'm willing to proceed with caution and trust in your expertise. I will sign any waiver if needed."

Over the next hour, we discussed the intricacies of the procedure, potential risks, and the emotional toll it might take when she's no longer in a cast and using crutches. Alexandra was remarkably composed, her determination unwavering.

"My fascination with leg casts and crutches, the desire for this experience, comes from...

OMG I really didn't see that coming.

Part 2 to come

Clip 266 Leg cast

Monday, September 18, 2023

Clip 263 Broken foot, crutches, boot

Sexy Bone Specialist prologue

 In the heart of London's Mayfair district, I live a life that hides a clandestine world. It's a world I've carefully crafted behind the walls of my own house. I am Dr. Vivian Caldwell, an orthopaedic surgeon, known for my dedication and my remarkable vision, a vision that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of medicine.

My colleagues admire me for my expertise, and my patients value me for my compassion.

But beneath the surface of professionalism, beneath the pristine white coats and the facade of a tall and beautiful woman, I have a secret sexual desire, some would say a fetish but it's so much more.

My fascination lies in the human bones. It's a story that began in my teenage years, an age when most worried about identity, desire and first love. I for one wrote short erotic stories during that time, stories that would later ignite an extraordinary passion within me. Combining those stories with my passion for bones.

As the years passed, my admiration for the elegance of broken limbs grew, a fascination with the grace with which people handled such injuries. It was a fascination that would go on to shape the course of my life in ways I could never have foreseen.

You could say I marvel at the power of the human body to break and heal bones, and I wanted to explore it in ways that no one had dared before. What if we...

But there's a twist to my story. I am, in many ways, a paradox. A tall, stunning, elegant, and graceful woman, I possess dark, wavy hair, sensual lips, and enigmatic green eyes that have captivated the hearts of both men and women.

Yet, fate dealt me a different hand on a fateful day. I became an above-the-knee amputee due to an accident, forever dependent on crutches to navigate my world. My left leg became a mere memory, and my crutches became my constant companions.

Let's delve deeper into who I am. I'm a blend of resilience, intelligence, and audacity. I am a woman who defies conventions, challenging societal norms to help my clients experience the limits of their own physical endurance and sexual pleasures.

I hope you will join me.

Clip 262 Cast, crutches SLC

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Clip 259 Broken ankle, SLWC, crutches, cast, cane later

Flight attendant conclusion

 Our journey had brought us to this moment, the culmination of our daring escape plan. The Trudeau International airport buzzed with activity as travellers walked quickly lost in their own worlds.

I was just sitting in a wheelchair dressed comfortably, ideal for our long flight. A soft, oversized sweater in grey, providing warmth with a plain white t-shirt under. Like my mom would say, my jeans were well-loved, I had cut off one leg of the jeans to accommodate my long leg cast, a practical adjustment that allowed me the freedom of movement essential for someone like me using crutches. On my foot, I had a comfortable sneaker.

Maria had made a discreet call to the Montreal Police about Marco's that was tied in my apartment. It was a necessary step to ensure his safety, it weighed heavily on our minds. We had no illusions about the danger that still lurked in the shadows, but we were determined to face it head-on, together. Marco dying in my apartment was not an option even for our safety.

As we waited at our gate, I couldn't help but glance around nervously, half-expecting to see a familiar face from our past. But the minutes passed, and there was no sign of Marco or his associates. Perhaps, for now, we had managed to elude them.

Our flight to the Seychelles Islands was the next leg of our journey. We had chosen this remote paradise as our destination, a place where we could live without fear of being found. The islands with their pristine beaches, azure waters, and the promise of anonymity. What more could I ask for? Perhaps two fully functional legs? But that's for another story.

Arriving at the plane's door sitting in my wheelchair, Maria helped me stand, kissed my cheek and with my crutches in hand, I made my way to our first-class seats. We settled into our seats, each carrying a sense of anticipation for the unknown that lay ahead. As the engines roared to life and the plane taxied down the runway, I took Maria's hand in mine, finding comfort in her presence.

16 hours later, we touched down in the Seychelles, our tired bodies buzzing with the excitement of our arrival. Stepping off the plane on my crutches, we were greeted by the warm tropical breeze, a stark contrast to Montreal.

Our journey continued with a taxi ride to our oceanfront house, we looked at the lush landscapes and vibrant culture. The taxi wound its way through picturesque villages and along pristine coastlines, each passing moment affirming our choice to seek refuge in this remote paradise.

Finally, our taxi pulled up to our new home, a charming small oceanfront house that would serve as our sanctuary. The turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean stretched out before us, a testament to the beauty of our new life.

Maria extended a supportive hand as we exited the taxi, her fingers gently interlocking with mine. With a reassuring smile, she helped me to stand up. As I leaned on her for support, she fetched my crutches from the car and I placed them under my arms.

Inside the house, we settled into the comforts of our new life, the soft glow of the setting sun casting warm, amber hues throughout the room. The large windows framed the view of the endless ocean stretching out before us, its waters shimmering like liquid sapphires beneath the golden sky. A breathtaking sight.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the room with its gentle embrace, Maria turned to me. In her eyes I saw a mixture of deep affection and curiosity.

"Jewel, you asked and there's something I've been wanting to share with you," Maria began, her voice soft. "There is. Ever since I saw you in that leg cast, I can't help but be drawn to it. To you, broken and so sexy"

I looked at her, surprised by her confession. "You mean my broken leg, cast and crutches right?" Maria nodded, her gaze unwavering.

"Yes, there's something about it that's incredibly sexy. It's not just about the cast itself; it's about how you move, how you dress around your cast. Seeing you adapt and overcome challenges turns me on sexually."

"Maria, I..." I began, my voice catching with emotion standing tall on my crutches.

She stood, reached out, gently cradling my cheek in her hand. "Jewel, I love you." Maria leaned in, her lips meeting mine.

Later on I wanted to please my girlfriend. I stood on my crutches in a knee-length blue sundress, its fabric gently swaying with the tropical breeze caressing my breasts and nipples. My long cast was almost fully exposed. My blonde hair framed my face, and a pair of oversized sunglasses perched atop of my nose shielded my eyes from the golden sun.

"You look amazing "Maria said while she hugged me tightly.

I turned to Maria slowly on my crutches, my heart racing with anticipation. Her soft lips met mine in a tender kiss, they parted as I breathed her in, savouring the familiar taste and warmth of my girlfriend.

As the kiss deepened, our bodies gravitated closer. While I leaned on my crutches for support, Maria's hands at my back pulled me forward and my hard cast slid between her legs, our bodies pressing together in a sensual and intimate embrace. The sensation of our breasts together sent a shiver of desires down my spine and broken leg.

Maria's voice, husky with desire, broke the electrifying moment.

"Let's get to bed."

The 4 little words, filled with a promise of love and passion, turned me on like she always did. I hobbled toward our bedroom on my crutches in total confidence, Maria following closely behind. Little contacts from time to time heightened our desire for each other.

In the privacy of our bedroom, I loved how I felt a sense of vulnerability in my full leg cast that was thrilling. As she gently helped me onto the bed by lifting my broken leg, she then laid my crutches against the wall. I couldn't help but admire her beauty and strength.

"I want you so bad," I said.

She began to undress me with a tenderness that left me breathless. Her hands moved with grace, navigating around my long and heavy cast with ease. With each piece of clothing that fell away, I felt a growing sense of arousal and wetness. My leg cast, which had been initially annoying and troublesome for me. had become a source of intrigue and sexual desire for Maria, and she handled it with skill, letting her sexual fetish grow on me slowly.

Once I was nude with only my cast before her, I watched as Maria undressed herself. It looked and felt like a sensual dance, and I couldn't tear my gaze away from her sexy shapes, from the soft curves of her breasts to the gentle swell of her hips.

With a shared understanding of our desires, Maria leaned towards me but then crawled along my broken leg to kiss me once more. Her lips were soft and inviting, her vagina rubbing against the hard surface of my cast. Our mouths melded together with our tongues dancing passionately.

Her moaning grew more fervent, her hands explored my whole body. She traced the contours of my long leg cast. Even if I couldn't feel her fingers on my broken leg, her touch still ignited a trail of sensations of pure pleasure through me.

I let out a soft moan as her fingers continued their exploration between my leg and cast, teasing and caressing my vagina with a delicate touch. My body responded eagerly to her and I could feel my orgasm building up with every in and out of her fingers inside me.

I was so close to exploding when Maria shifted her attention to my heavy breasts, her lips and tongue tracing a path against my sensitive flesh. Pleasure surged through me even more from the attention I received from her mouth and hands. I was moaning out of control, pure ecstasy.

My broken body and her perfect body moved together in a passionate dance rocked by incredible orgasms and that was the precise moment when we became one.

The end

Clip 258 Broken leg in a full leg cast, crutches, LLC